Driven by our commitment to the environment and our strong belief in giving back to our planet, we have developed a full range of 100% compostable disposable packaging solutions. All our products meet the highest standards and hold several environmental certifications.

We are continuously on the lookout for the most sustainable materials to use for all our packaging products. As much as we can, we use recycled materials and give a second life cycle to all of the materials.

Reducing waste and creating sustainable packaging alternatives is our key mission, allowing our customers to feel confident about their choices.

Like many consumers, we believe that “Good food comes in Good packaging”. 

Compostable packaging is the most environmentally friendly packaging solution today.

Once disposed of in soil or compost pile, it goes through a natural recycling process which allows the packaging materials to completely break down into organic matter. This process takes 3 months in a commercial composting facility.

Compostable packaging offers many benefits as it reduces toxic and landfill waste and produced nutrient-rich soil.

For years we have been using the term biodegradable to describe any material that will break down and go back to nature. Recently, we have been hearing the term compostable being a step further to biodegradability.

In fact, there is quite a difference between the two as all compostable materials are also biodegradable but not all biodegradable materials are compostable.

While biodegradable materials break down and go back to nature the same way compostable materials do, the main difference is in the output of that process.

Biodegradable materials can sometimes create harmful toxins after decomposing. Actually, everything around us is biodegradable, including non-eco-friendly materials such as plastic, glass…

On the other hand, after breaking down, compostable materials provide our planet with nutrients that help regenerate the soil’s health and act as a fertilizer for plants.

We are on the constant lookout for new sustainably sourced and compostable materials that could be used for our packaging.

Currently, our base materials range are: sugarcane pulp, bagasse, bamboo fiber, wood, recycled kraft paper, wood pulp, PLA (cornstarch based resin)…

For printing, we use natural and chemical-free water-based and soybean inks.

All our coatings are 100% natural and plant-based, for example, all our coffee cups have an inner PLA coating and our sandwich and wax papers use soybean based wax.

We respect all the environmental standards and follow strict guidelines to sustainably source all the materials.